Cosmetic bottle recycling methods will change


The difficulty in recycling cosmetic bottles has always […]

The difficulty in recycling cosmetic bottles has always been a problem that is difficult to solve in the industry, especially plastic bottles, which require the common efforts of consumers and manufacturers to achieve fundamental improvements.

Usually, after the cosmetics are used up, part of the bottle will be collected and the other part will be abandoned in the streets, especially plastic bottles. For this part of the abandonment, it is usually through the scavengers to resell the waste collection station, and then the waste collection station to hand to the slicer. This is a good aspect. On the other hand, some empty plastic bottles do not directly transfer to the slicer, but instead give some online store managers and some lawless elements. They recycle fake raw materials by recycling genuine cosmetic bottles. Profiteering, which is why most of the online cosmetics are fake. However, some cities have recently set up plastic bottle recycling machines in public transportation and subway stations. Of course, cosmetic bottles are also included. This will not only improve the recycling speed, but also reduce the cost of the circulation link, and even eliminate the use of discarded bottle brand cosmetic bottles. "Genuine packaging false raw materials" this black industrial chain. But for the waste recycling station and some scavengers, it may have a great impact on them. After all, many lives are in this industry, but good changes often affect the interests of some people, and there is no way. thing.

In short, to establish a formal way of recycling cosmetic bottles, consumers must have this kind of awareness, do not litter, set aside recycling