Cosmetic plastic bottles and those links interlocking


Cosmetics plastic bottles can be said to be the custome […]

Cosmetics plastic bottles can be said to be the customer's eye, value the outer packaging, almost half of the transaction is completed, and the more sophisticated the product to the consumer's description, the often in the store sales staff is often recommended Products with a more refined appearance and good packaging can lead to better sales performance;
In the field of cosmetics, the improvement of the technical level, the development of packaging has gradually highlighted the individualized manifestation and innovation; the replacement of new technologies and new materials, safety and convenience have been welcomed by the market, and some products of the 1980s are famous all over the world. The brand Baique Ling, Friendship Cream, etc. can only maintain its weak sales volume with the ever-decreasing consumer groups;
In order to meet the packaging requirements of different products, there are more and more choices of materials. Transparent packaging can satisfy consumers to see the contents, so consumers have more and more requirements for transparent containers, which meets this requirement. The material is also constantly sublimating, PP is also a big selling point in these two years, transparency, gloss, appreciation, popular, so the unit price is too high