Development trend of cosmetic packaging design


1, strive to innovate, pursue individuality. Innovation […]

1, strive to innovate, pursue individuality.

Innovation is the premise of design. Innovation is the life of packaging design and the foundation of design. No innovative design is pale and powerless. Designers should use clever ideas to create novel and unique creative ideas.

With the development of packaging and printing technology, digital printing, and non-printing, the non-plate cutting technology has become more and more widely used in the packaging and printing industry, as well as the development and application of Internet technology. The cost of packaging printing and processing has gradually decreased, making personalized Packaging design has gradually become a reality. Personality impression is a very important psychological factor for cosmetics with strong times. If a commodity can satisfy the psychological needs of consumers, it can get his relatives and quickly become a best-selling product.

2, pay attention to culture

Good packaging design, in addition to accurately expressing product information, must have a deeper meaning, that is, "culture." Packaging design requires a cultural idea, which is the source of design and the best expression of the cultural heritage of design. Integrating traditional culture into the mainstream of world culture, reflecting the soul of noon design, achieving a high degree of unity of form and connotation, is the cultural mission of each of our Chinese packaging designers.

3, the pursuit of high-grade design style

Learning and drawing on the achievements of all valuable foreign civilizations is a fine tradition of the Chinese. Learning and absorbing advanced design experience is the responsibility of each of our designers. We live in a society where information dissemination is diversified, and in the era of global integration and global marketization, human beings gradually move toward "world harmony." Packaging design will also tend to be similar and international, and reveal the traces and commonalities of the times. But the design itself is uniquely regional, cultural, and individualized. Therefore, we need to use the language of the world to tell the story of China. This is the only way for our Chinese packaging design to go global.

A new era of design has arrived, and the Chinese packaging design community, which started late, will face even more severe challenges. We work together: design life, package the world!