Difference between pet plastic bottle and pvc plastic bottle


Pet plastic bottle with pvc plastic bottle Here we talk […]

Pet plastic bottle with pvc plastic bottle
Here we talk about transparent bottles, if PET plastic bottles and PVC plastic bottles are mixed together. According to the molding method: PET plastic bottle molding is carried out in two steps, that is, injection molding and blow molding.
So each PET plastic bottle has a filling port at the lower end. You can see it with a look. PVC plastic bottles are blow molded and do not need to be injection molded, so there is no injection port.
Therefore, a bottle with a plastic injection bottle for picking up the mouth is not a PVC plastic bottle. If it is mass production, steam the total bottle with steam.
The PVC plastic bottle that has passed the high temperature steam will become opaque, and the PET plastic bottle will be transparent. It will be easy to identify and save when sorting, and the steamed label adhesive tape will be automatically degummed and removed by hand.
The bottle is not easy to recognize. It can only be boiled or steamed. The PVC material that has been boiled or steamed becomes opaque. The PET material is still transparent. It is pure to choose opaque PET.