Packaging design wins consumers' favor with fashion


With the development of China's economy and internation […]

With the development of China's economy and international influence, China has become a unique fashion country. In our country, many cosmetic brand packaging and powerful Chinese elements have attracted more consumers' attention. Whether in a mall or supermarket, we can always see a wide variety of samples. For new skin care products, special samples are usually set up for consumers to try. This not only allows consumers to experience the form of consumer products, but also can decide whether to buy based on empirical results. This is welcomed by consumers, which also forms a more mature sales model. However, in the trial of cosmetics, we found that the safety and hygiene of cosmetic samples is very serious. The profile is more than just a large bottle of sample consumers open trials that increase health hazards. Although some cosmetic test bottles are used, they are already very small, but the number inside still needs a lot of people to use. It will inevitably occur, and many people use common health-related safety problems, leading to cross-infection and the like. If we can design and manufacture disposables that are smaller, more convenient for cosmetic packaging, and that meet the needs, they must be very popular. However, the cost of such cosmetic packaging should also be controlled, and the market is to a greater extent. Trying cosmetic packaging is different from the traditional cosmetic packaging market, and the use of cosmetic packaging is based on the choice of materials.
The cosmetic bottle can be kept at a constant temperature outside at a high temperature, and from a technical point of view, the heat-insulating cosmetic bottle is improved. The introduction of such cosmetic packaging and packaging should be no problem. The key to the problem is the cost of cosmetic packaging. Obviously, the cost of cosmetic packaging after such special treatment will be greatly improved. In the long run, the mass market believes that with applications and reducing costs, the key is that early fashion requires manufacturers to introduce innovation awareness. Almost every product note will prompt the cosmetics to be stored in a cool place. This is because of the fear of the sun and the high temperature environment, check the packaging of cosmetics. Affecting the quality of cosmetic products, as people work relatively freely and their quality of life improves, for women who love beauty, cosmetics must be carried, and it is difficult to place a cool environment for cosmetics. Because there is an unsolvable need, solving the problem of cosmetics in any environment will not affect the quality of the product, but also rely on cosmetic packaging to fundamentally solve.
Women are the most sensitive consumers, often because of a good design or trademark, can touch her. A successful packaging design can not only quickly attract the attention of consumers, but also enable people to think that the products in the package, including quality, taste, and taste, immediately generate purchasing impulses. Therefore, cosmetics sales, packaging is the main. In particular, many small and medium-sized cosmetics companies do not have enough advertising and publicity and advertising support conditions. If packaging can work hard, it is the right practice to build a packaging brand from products. Packaging design is an important part of brand building. In many small and medium-sized enterprises in China, we really recognize the importance of packaging design and regard it as a marketing and branding project. So cosmetic packaging design follows certain rules: the first one is targeted, like women aged 30 and 40, color and pattern recognition (aesthetic) is a significant difference; reference to commodity competition, second in researching their packaging Design must be built in our own package and strengthen our differences; third marketing, packaging in a terminal function silent dumper, packaging sales function, promote packaging must be considered from economic and practical, on the one hand, through design to improve products The added value, on the other hand, meets people's material and spiritual needs through the necessary design, because the influence of the transaction design, the packaging design changes the style, and wins the favor of consumers with fashion.