Plastic bottle packaging heating temperature will be somewhat deformed


I don’t know if you will encounter such a thing when yo […]

I don’t know if you will encounter such a thing when you are young, just to carry the boiled water to school and pour the freshly boiled boiled water into a mineral water bottle or other beverage bottle. Then you will find that the boiled water is not full and the plastic bottle has been deformed. It’s amazing.
This is because the ordinary plastic bottle packaging can only reach 70 degrees of heat resistance. In fact, according to scientific experiments, it is found that the plastic bottle package will release a trace amount of harmful substances when it is heat-resistant to 60 degrees, and more than 70 degrees is equivalent to complete release. The processing method of the plastic packaging bottle is the injection blowing process. This processing method is to put the raw materials of the plastic packaging bottle into the injection molding machine for injection molding, so that it becomes a tubular parison, and put the parison into the molding mold of the plastic packaging bottle, after being stretch blow molded, plastic packaging The bottle is cooled to give the finished product.
This process can also make mineral water bottles. It has the characteristics of good formability and low price. It has outstanding performance in mechanical properties and can withstand large external effects. Plastic packaging bottles have been widely used in the market at home and abroad by virtue of their own advantages. It is mainly used for the preparation of various kinds of medicines, which can ensure that the medicines will not cause great loss of efficacy during the process of production, storage and storage. Therefore, the manufacturers of plastic bottles have considerable advantages in the region.