Plastic bottle waste utilization method


The environment is the basic premise of human survival […]

The environment is the basic premise of human survival and development. The environment provides the necessary resources and conditions for our survival and development. With the development of social economy, environmental issues have been put on the agenda of governments as an important issue that cannot be avoided. Protecting the environment, reducing environmental pollution, and curbing the trend of ecological deterioration have become an important task for the government's social management. For our country, protecting the environment is a basic national policy of our country, solving the country's prominent environmental problems and promoting the coordinated development of the economy, society and the environment. Implementing a sustainable development strategy is an important and arduous task facing the government.

The following teaches you how to use plastic bottle waste.

Using plastic bottles to make a variety of small animals, friends can draw the facial features of various animals on the plastic bottle according to their imagination, of course, the ears also need to change when making, very cute. Something you need to prepare are mineral water bottles, colored paper, scissors, double-sided tape, and brushes.

Methods and benefits of waste utilization in plastic packaging bottles

Specific steps for making small bottles of plastic animals:

The first step is to draw rectangles of different sizes on different colors of paper. Note that the length of the rectangle is the same, and the width ratio is 1:2;

In the second step, use a double-sided tape to stick the small rectangle to the lower part of the middle of the bottle, and the large rectangle sticks to the middle part. Note that there is no gap;

In the third step, a circle is cut out with scissors, and then the car body is covered, the cap portion is covered, and the double-sided tape is used for fixing;

The fourth step is to draw various parts of the small animal with a pen. You can add some decorations according to your imagination.