Positioning of cosmetic packaging design


Positioning of cosmetic packaging design 1, the packagi […]

Positioning of cosmetic packaging design

1, the packaging design of cosmetics must first highlight the brand of the product.

Today's consumers are advocating brand names, so highlighting brands is a very important strategic tool for a company. It plays a vital role in the sale of the product.

The cosmetic packaging that highlights the brand is generally prominent in the packaging screen. In the design, generally a product logo image or brand word as the center, the pursuit of simplification, logo words. It can be divided into the standard color of the brand, the main brand logo, and the logo font. In short, to highlight the brand, we must convey the image to the consumers in a unified image, so that consumers can naturally accept and recognize the brand without knowing it.

2, emphasize the characteristics of the product

When designing cosmetic packaging, it is important to present a variety of information about the contents of the package. To present the most fascinating and competitive advantage of the product to consumers, consumers can quickly understand and fall in love with this product at first sight. For example, through color, modeling, abstract graphics, packaging materials, text and other means to reflect the unique characteristics of the positioning of goods. Let consumers directly feel the uniqueness of this product through packaging. For example, the beauty and skin care series of “Imeitang” uses the most typical Japanese lady image, so that consumers can see that the design uses Japanese related technology or Japanese-originated products. This packaging design can be very good. Communicate the characteristics of the goods.

Design different series of packaging for different consumers.

This type of design focuses on specific consumer objects. It generally has a clear consumer object, and designs cosmetic packaging that suits their tastes based on their age, education, occupation, psychological needs, aesthetic needs, and so on. Through such a specific packaging design, consumers can feel that this product is tailor-made for me, increasing the consumer's stickiness to the product, and thus becoming a loyal fan of the product.

For example, for men's cosmetic packaging design, most of them use rigid straight lines, simple and rough fonts, stable colors, showing a positive masculinity. Such a package design must be loved by men who love sports, cheerful personality, masculine and other characteristics. With some sleek, lively lines, the innocent and lovely image is outlined, with bright, jumping colors and flexible shapes to create a fairy-tale story frame to attract children and parents.