Principles of cosmetic packaging design


Cosmetics are not only a commodity but also a culture. […]

Cosmetics are not only a commodity but also a culture. The packaging design of the cosmetic box is not only to package the design of a commodity, but also to convey the brand culture connotation, as well as the pursuit and ideological connotation of the people, and to be recognized by the consumers and potential consumers who support the brand.

The high-end cosmetics on the international market pay great attention to the design of the cosmetic box packaging, because the quality of the packaging affects the sales performance of the cosmetics to a large extent. Mid-to-high-end cosmetics have clear brand positioning strategies, brand concepts that are of interest to consumers, and packaging features.

The trend of modern packaging design has changed very much, and it has shifted from focusing on functionality and rationality to focusing on emotional humanization. Cosmetic packaging is also undergoing innovation in structural design and decoration design, paying more attention to the structural relationship between packaging design, color application, graphic layout and other visual communication elements and consumers; focusing on artistic pursuits, making it natural, Affinity express the connotation of products, touch the emotions of consumers, and make full use of the emotional psychology of consumers to enhance brand value.

Three principles of cosmetic packaging design

1, accurate

Successful cosmetic packaging must first accurately convey information about the content. The so-called accuracy is that the packaging design must be simple, in place, and distinct. Accurately communicating product information requires that the shape, color, and pattern of the package should not violate the consumer's habits, so as to avoid misunderstanding.

2, eye-catching

Cosmetic packaging must play a role in promotion and must attract the attention of consumers. Therefore, the novel and unique shape, bright and colorful colors, beautiful and delicate patterns, and various characteristic materials can make the cosmetic packaging show a very eye-catching effect, attracting consumers' eyes and generating strong interest.

3, good feelings

The packaging design must be vivid, cleverly designed, and have a personality and beauty. That is to say, the shape, color, pattern and material of the packaging should be able to arouse the emotions that consumers love, so as to stimulate their desire to purchase. Good packaging design itself will speak, can make the content of cosmetics come out, can reflect the characteristics of cosmetics itself to impress consumers, and make consumers feel good.

In short, for cosmetics packaging designers, not only should be familiar with new technologies, new technologies, but also make full use of the results brought by new technologies for modern cosmetic packaging services, using computer design methods, the pursuit of more refined and perfect and cultural connotation Cosmetic packaging design.