Pvc bottle manufacturer bonding process


Pvc bottle manufacturer bonding process: plastic packag […]

Pvc bottle manufacturer bonding process: plastic packaging box bonding process is also based on different materials to choose different bonding methods, for example, PVC packaging bottle bonding is generally ordinary glue bonding, the strength is to drop the old, and its own pvc bottle Adhesion is easy to control; pvc bottle bonding method is generally UV glue + UV lamp, because PET box is the least easy to bond box; PP box bonding method is generally PUR glue bonding, characterized by It will not be whitish, of course, it can be glued with ordinary glue. In addition to the application of glue bonding, plastic packaging boxes can also take high-frequency, ultrasonic bonding methods

Pvc coated wire drying treatment: usually does not require drying treatment.

Runners and gates: All regular gates can be used. If you are working with smaller parts, it is best to use tip-type gates or submerged gates; for thicker parts, it is best to use fan-shaped gates. The minimum diameter of the tip or submerged gate shall be 1 mm; the thickness of the fan gate shall not be less than 1 mm.

    Melting temperature: 185~205°C Mold temperature: 20~50°Cpvc bottle, injection pressure: up to 1500bar Holding pressure: up to 1000bar Injection speed: In order to avoid material degradation, it is generally necessary to use a considerable injection speed.

Typical use: Polyvinyl chloride has abundant raw materials (petroleum, limestone, coke, salt and natural gas), mature manufacturing process, low price and wide application. It has become the second largest universal in the world after polyethylene resin. Resin, accounting for 29% of the world's total synthetic resin consumption. Polyvinyl chloride is easy to process and can be processed by molding, laminating, injection molding, extrusion molding, calendering, and blow molding. Polyvinyl chloride is mainly used in raw PVC packaging boxes for artificial leather, film, wire sheathing and other plastic soft products, water supply pipes, household pipes, house wall panels, commercial machine casings, electronic product packaging, medical equipment, speedboat fenders, also It can produce plastic hard products such as plates, doors and windows and valves.