Rapid development of most new technologies in the field of cosmetic packaging


The contrast of color and color, which is the easiest t […]

The contrast of color and color, which is the easiest to grasp in many product packaging performance is difficult to grasp. Excellent design and high packaging effect, this is the most easy to express but very difficult to grasp in many product packaging. Popular Chinese calligraphy and painting actually speaks of a contrasting relationship. In the packaging design, this relationship is very obvious and very common. These so-called contrasts, the comparison generally has the following aspects: the color is used in contrast to the weight used to contrast the color, the point of use of the color is compared to the use of contrasting colors, the use of low contrast colors, the contrast of color usage, and the like. In many commodity packaging grades, consumers are dissatisfied, even boring, directly affecting the sale of goods. Under current market conditions, fierce competition is a suppression of merchants or manufacturers. Naturally, it affects the economics or manufacturer of the business. This is mainly the basic quality and design level of the product packaging designers, which leads to the inability of the packaging design to get along. The quality of the packaging design and packaging design is mainly the skill, the mastery of the skills, there is no problem of taste.
Innovations in bottle packaging, especially in the field of cosmetic packaging, have led to the rapid development of most new technologies. Cosmetic bottles come with many new packaging, such as rich PET / PEN plastic packaging; double rooms can separate different sensitive components, greatly improving the taste of the product; users from the cold / hot field bring convenience, lightweight bottles plus external The coating changes the price of the glass bottle package. The distribution of simulated thick-walled glass bottles in cosmetic bottles, fashionable perfume bottles, and high-tech distributors (micro-spray pumps, foam pumps) are constantly innovating. Green or ecological packaging is gradually gaining popularity, with reduced bottle weight, reduced cost, high strength, impact resistance, heat resistance, pollution resistance, resistance, and non-slip.
The cosmetics industry is usually a luxury sale, or at least a luxury, so the impact on packaging and the environment is often not the attention of cosmetics manufacturers. In the near future, feedback from plastic packaging companies, the sustainable development of cosmetic packaging seems to slowly attract people's attention. Cosmetic packaging manufacturers believe that people's attitudes change, so in the design is considered an opportunity to actively introduce a new series of cosmetics and compact made of wood-plastic composite materials, it may be the world's first cosmetic packaging of wood plastic materials application. Although make-up is a beautiful product, with the important part of the chemical industry, environmental pollution has been overshadowed by human safety issues. Protecting the environment is a concern of more and more people, whether it is political bargaining chips, or responsibility in their daily life and fashion, environmental protection has become a part of human daily life, is an indispensable part of the enterprise development process part. There are too many competitions in front of huge market opportunities. Enterprises should improve their profitability and have to implement brand strategy and differentiate. The cosmetics packaging industry is a closely related industry in various sectors. At present, the packaging industry in China has become more and more complete varieties and categories, and there are also a group of world-class leading enterprises. Therefore, the key to the breakthrough development of packaging companies depends on The improvement of the technological innovation strength and level of packaging enterprises, in addition to the research and development of packaging materials, the development of large-scale complete equipment manufacturing, extensive green packaging, packaging design has become an important link that cannot be ignored.