Shampoo plastic bottles to achieve regeneration is just around the corner


Mineral water, beverage plastic bottles, etc. have real […]

Mineral water, beverage plastic bottles, etc. have realized the ability to regenerate in May this year, which has brought information about the market collapse to beverage plastic bottle manufacturers, which has become a huge pressure, but this has reduced the pressure on global environmental protection, and at the same time Consumers bring the gospel; as long as there are problems, there will be solutions to the problem. Nowadays, the requirements for products are getting higher and higher, and only the constant satisfaction can get the market;

     Nowadays, the sales of shampoos, shower gels and other toiletries are getting bigger and bigger, and for the same market competition, buyers of shampoo plastic bottles have spent a lot of effort, craftsmanship, color, etc. on the outer packaging. Discarding in the Chinese market;

     I remember that Xiaobian last time mentioned shampoo plastic bottles to achieve regeneration just around the corner, and Procter & Gamble also announced the development of a shampoo plastic bottle containing 25% of recycled beach plastic, planned to be in the market by the end of 2018. Sale of over 1 billion bottles of shampoo plastic bottles made from 25% recycled beach plastic bottles;