The cosmetics packaging market should be increasingly segmented


In the future, the cosmetic packaging market such as al […]

In the future, the cosmetic packaging market such as aluminum lipstick tube and aluminum plastic eyelash tube should be increasingly segmented to meet the market demand of different regions and people!
With the improvement of people's living standards, the consumption of the cosmetics market is increasing day by day. Nowadays, the cosmetics market has matured, but can all the cosmetics on the market meet the needs of all consumers? the answer is negative. The future cosmetics market should be increasingly segmented to meet the market needs of different regions and people.
For many people, cosmetics have begun to gradually subdivide, such as men's cosmetics, women's cosmetics, children's cosmetics and cosmetics for the elderly. Different consumer groups have different market needs and consumption characteristics. Cosmetic bottles should also be designed in a targeted manner based on market segmentation. Men's cosmetic bottles are more masculine, personalized and easy to use. Ms. cosmetic bottles show warm, romantic and feminine features. Children's cosmetic bottles need to reflect more cartoon elements and children's psychological needs. For the cosmetic bottles for the elderly, it should be reflected in the humanized design and ease of use. We have said that cosmetic bottles are a "tool" for cosmetics companies to promote their products. In the subdivided cosmetics market, cosmetic bottles designed to meet the needs of different similar cosmetics markets are designed to reflect the power of a company in marketing. For the subdivided cosmetics market in different regions, it is more reflected in the subdivision of cosmetics according to the customs and economic development of different places. Reflected in the packaging of cosmetic bottles, it is mainly in the distinction between the cost and material of cosmetic bottles and the design and not to violate different religious beliefs and customs.
There are many cosmetic bottle purchasers who always sway between glass bottles and plastic bottles when purchasing bottles. Glass bottles are more high-end in packaging, but the cost is relatively high. Plastic bottles are relatively low in packaging costs. So in order to balance the advantages between the two, many buyers have broken their brains. For cosmetics and health care products companies, in the choice of packaging, although the relevant departments have always required packaging to be simple. However, fierce market competition and relatively high profits, enterprises will tend to pack on the market and high-end in the market. Pursuit of packaging high-end is the first choice of many buyers. However, glass bottles have many defects, so some manufacturers will hesitate. The best balance between a glass bottle and a plastic bottle is the acrylic bottle. The acrylic bottle looks like a frosted glass bottle with a different temperament. At the same time, acrylic bottles have all the advantages of plastic bottles, while the cost is lower than glass bottles. This is a bottle that is ideally suited for the packaging of cosmetics and health products.
It is believed that with the development of the cosmetics packaging market, the future cosmetic packaging market should be increasingly segmented to meet the market needs of different regions and people. The new packaging of the cosmetics will take into account more comprehensive factors, and its cost, material and design will be greatly improved.