Three types of packaging for cream bottles


In the cosmetics we have in the forest, the creams acco […]

In the cosmetics we have in the forest, the creams account for a large part, and the careful female friends will find that these cosmetic bottles are the same as the cream bottles, although they can all Become a cream bottle.
One: hose cream bottle
Shapes such as toothpaste packaging, usually loaded with facial cleanser, essence and various lotions, creams. The hose type cream bottle helps to isolate the air and prevent the cosmetics from deteriorating. Some brand manufacturers make the outer surface of the type of matte, feel very good, and easy to carry, light weight, is a "frequent visitor" in the female bag.
Two: vacuum pump type cream bottle
Vacuum pump type cream bottle is a type that is highly respected in the industry, referred to as vacuum bottle. It is standing at a professional angle to isolate the air through the bottom piston, and causes a complete vacuum inside the bottle. Each time the pump is pressed, the cosmetic naturally flows out. It can be said that it has the best comprehensive performance in all types, can completely isolate the air and prevent pollution. The only insufficient use of general materials is low transparency. At present, only acrylic can be perfect in appearance and function.
Three: wide mouth cream bottle
This type is more common, the flat shape, the large opening makes people more convenient when applying, the finger can touch anywhere in the bottle, and its shape is also high-grade, but the opening is too large, every time When used, cosmetics are exposed to the air in a large area. After a long period of time, it is more susceptible to contamination and deterioration. In terms of quality, it is the worst of the three types. But even this does not hinder people's love for it, most of the more expensive products such as face cream, most still use a wide mouth cream bottle.
The three types of cream bottles have their own advantages and disadvantages, but nowadays, materials such as acrylic are born, and can slowly make up for some shortcomings. We expect more excellent materials to be born to make all types more perfect.