Why is a cosmetic two package?


Sometimes the same cosmetics can be seen in different s […]

Sometimes the same cosmetics can be seen in different shopping malls or supermarkets, and attentive people may find that the cosmetics on the shelves in these different places may find some small differences, even functional ones. Why is it?
In fact, two cosmetics packaging is still good, and some will find three four, or even more packaging, not only in the appearance of the color depth difference, and even in the function introduction are slightly different. Many people may think that this is a fake, but of course this is a situation but not all. We only know that the information on the packaging of cosmetics packaging is marked, batch number, date of manufacture, brand information, etc. Some may be different in packaging information because they are produced in different places and produced by the branch.
In addition, some imported cosmetics are actually very helpless. Most imported cosmetics have no labels on the packaging when they are sold, which is quite different from the original. For this, manufacturers are suffering, because the relevant regulations clearly point out that except for special cosmetics, all must be attached. Chinese labels, and many buyers think that Chinese is not imported from the original factory.
Some cosmetics have slightly different colors. This is because the climate and temperature of each place are different due to different origins. These cosmetic bottles are mostly transparent, and the products inside are slightly different due to the preservation of different colors. Change, so the overall color will look different.