Women's favorite color translucent glass packaging cosmetics


Whether cosmetic packaging is beautiful or not greatly […]

Whether cosmetic packaging is beautiful or not greatly influences the position of skin care products in women's minds and their preference for specific brands.
North, Shanghai and Guangzhou women pay attention to environmental protection, shelf life and anti-counterfeiting labels
There are different display labels on the cosmetics packaging. The survey data shows that women in different regions have different packaging labels when they purchase. Women in Beijing are more concerned about environmental labeling and recycling labels than women in other two regions. Concerned about the expiration date of cosmetics, women in Guangzhou are more concerned about anti-counterfeiting labels.
Which two cosmetics packaging signs do you most often pay attention to?
Colored translucent glass material packaging most popular
Among the most popular packaging materials, 78.32% of women chose glass, and the proportion of colored translucent glass was 46.32%. The cross-matching of other material option data and geography found that Shanghai women prefer ceramic-packaged cosmetics to women in other two regions. Guangzhou women prefer plastic-packaged cosmetics to women in other two regions.
Which packaging material do you like the most, regardless of brand and category?
60% of women have the habit of keeping cosmetic bottles and cans
According to the survey data, 59.52% of women have the habit of retaining cosmetic bottles and jars after using cosmetics. Among them, 30.19% of women use the collection, and 29.33% of women will modify the cosmetic bottles for other purposes, such as decoration. Residing in the room or modifying other items.
How do you handle cosmetic outer bottles (cans) after using cosmetics?
Cosmetics selection is practical and beautiful
According to the survey data, the most attractive packaging elements for women are packaging material (48.48%), packaging specification capacity (43.51%), packaging color (37.55%), packaging shape (37.23%), and content color (28.25%). ). Among them, Shanghai women are more important and affordable, and most concerned about the packaging capacity. Guangzhou women are most concerned about the shape of packaging.